[Elfsea] Ideas for FUN!

CE Huse/Lady Maria ldy_maria at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 30 14:25:04 PDT 2003

I think that the Elfsea Mom's Club would a good thing to start once again. I
tried it last year, but was unsuccessful because pretty much everyone had a
job last summer.

For those that got to participate the year before last, they can attest to
the fact that a great deal of fun was has by all! They tye-dyed shirts, wetn
to the Botanical Gardens, and rode the train to the the Dallas Zoo (the kids
wrestled Galen to the ground).

If there is any interest in this again, let me know we will start the
planning process once more. I will need to know what days and times are good
for you.


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Well...due to unforseen issues, I am now not working this summer
as I had originally intended.  I'd LOVE to get together!
School's out for the kiddos May 30, but I'm out May 8.

And for all of you who have known me forever, (Xene !)  Alexis
is turning 10 Thursday...which means *I* am not old...it must be
all of YOU!! lol

hugs to you all...

Allyson Tymmes

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