[Elfsea] What makes Life Good in Elfsea?

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Apr 30 23:51:27 PDT 2003

> Greetings from HE Mistress Stella-
> I feel that this is a time when we need to remind ourselves of what we
have done in the past to make life good in Elfsea and to try to help support
each other.
> 1. If you have a problem with a person, you need to talk to that person.
> 2. If you can't resolve the problem, ask someone to moderate a discussion
to try to fix the problem.
> 3. If someone tells you bad stuff about someone else say "Have you talked
to that person?" People can't correct a problem if they don't know what the
problem is.
> 4. If you volunteer to do something, make sure it gets done.
> 5. If you are having trouble with something you volunteered to do, ask for
help, sooner rather than later.
>     We don't want to set people up to fail, we want to support people. If
you want clarification of any of the points above, please come talk to me.
>     If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
>     Lead, follow, or get out of the way!
>     In service, HE Stella, AKE, Azure Grail.

Thank you, Mistress Stella! For the reminder and the example you set.

Lord Armand
Pending Vicar of Elfsea

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