[Elfsea] Change of plans (Was Re: Aetna)

Spence Mabry SMABRY at flash.net
Fri Aug 1 15:32:50 PDT 2003

Congratulations on your new job, Colete.  Hope it all 
works out for you.


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Subject: [Elfsea] Change of plans (Was Re: Aetna)

>> uh oh... looks like Colete and I might be working 
at the same
>> place...... :)  
>   Seamus, sorry to tell you this (wait, no I'm not 
<grin>), but I
>won't be working at Aetna after all. I was just hired 
on the spot an
>hour ago as a manager over the cashiers for 
Sergeant's Western Wear
>and Tack in Arlington.
>   Sadly, this means I probably cannot make practice 
this Sunday and
>I'm sure many more in-between will have to be 
skipped. Alas, it's for
>a greater cause, my children.
>   Good luck to the rest of you!
>~Mdm Colete
>"Speak softly and carry a big stick." ~T.R.
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