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I want to commend a lot of our children and teens who helped out, even in small ways, at Steppes Artisan this weekend.  Lady Donnel already told how her children helped, all Friday evening and for setup and tear-down on Saturday, and I second her on all the effort they gave.  Richard and Emily were not the only ones helping; she's just better at remembering her children's names than I am at remembering those of all whom I spotted helping.  There were no organized children's activities, but they made their own fun, in the hall and in the playlot and around the legal areas of site.  I saw many children and teens helping in various ways - waterbearing (Lady Gerita told me the only responder to her request for assistance was a young boy); managing a list table; fetching and carrying; older looking after smaller (through MANY swings in the playyard); helping to roll hoses and otherwise assist in breakdown on the field; folding banners (with just a little instruction); and when I appeared on the deck with a trashbag in hand in the evening I was almost instantly confronted with a line of teens with empty bottles and other trash, so that the desk was cleared in about a minute.

I didn't get all the names, for which I am very sorry.  Who thinks to carry a notepad to pick up trash?  There were "the usual suspects" and some new faces as well.  Several of them asked me questions about why things were so for the event, always politely, and their conversations were always within acceptable boundaries of politeness and volume.  For all that we read in the papers about how teens cause trouble, about children running wild, I didn't see it at Steppes Artisan.  (OK, there was the early lineup at the supper buffet, but that hardly counts.)  Remember, these are our future, and I think we can be proud.


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