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willow Taylor willowjonbardc at juno.com
Fri Aug 8 15:29:36 PDT 2003

I wish sometimes people would warn people of problems. I am sure the SCA
officials knew he was doing it. I know none of us want to be the bad guy
but sometimes we need to bite the bullet and tell people there is a
problem. I know in Ansteorra,me and other nobles have made a bad name for
ourselves by interfering in similar situations, but it better for us to
be involved than the police or property owners getting involved. 

Willow de Wisp

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 13:23:57 -0500 TWMarsh at TarrantCounty.com writes:
> Don Aeron Harper sent me this Pennsic story:
> Master Iolo Fitzowen, the newest Lion of Ansteorra, who has sold 
> crossbows
> at the Pennsic war for 17 years, sets up a canvas backstop so that 
> his
> customers can test fire his bows with SCA-legal boffer arrows. He 
> has done
> this every year that he has been at that or any other war. Every day 
> all day
> boffer arrows hit the canvas and drop harmlessly to the ground.
> This year, on Thursday, Cindy Cooper walked up with a Marshal in tow 
> and
> told him that what he was doing is against the rules.
> Iolo replied "Oh. Well I've been doing it for 17 years."
> Cindy said "Yes, well I've suspected that you've been doing it, but 
> I've
> never actually caught you at it." 
> Well it was pretty incredible that not only did she happen to 
> "catch" him
> doing it, this time, after somehow missing it for 17 years, but she 
> already
> had the paperwork filled out (with the marshal's approval) to throw 
> Iolo off
> the site.
> Iolo said "I had no idea this was a problem. We can just stop doing 
> it, all
> you had to do is ask." 
> Cindy said "No, you're out of here. Clear out tonight."
> In case anyone doesn't know Iolo, making and selling these crossbows 
> is how
> he makes a living. He gets fully 1/4 of his business at and because 
> of
> Pennsic.
> So Iolo is driving the 24 hours home to Texas right now, without 
> even so
> much as a partial refund. He's bringing home several finished 
> crossbows, if
> any would like to buy one. If you were thinking of ordering a 
> crossbow from
> him soon-ish, now would be a good time. 
> Llywelyn
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