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Yeah, Wolf and I watched it too (and recorded it).  The only part that 
bugged me was when they were showing Arthur wearing an Italian barbut helm 
(someone didn't do their research!).  Other than that, the rest looked 
pretty good.
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>This was a *really* cool show.  Excellent historical information, and 
>cool digital effects as they gave some cinematic portrayals of the various
>structures, people, fighting, etc.  We ordered a copy to keep; if anyone
>hasn't seen it, keep an eye out for the re-runs.
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>   Subject: [Elfsea] Couch Potato Time
>   Greetings!
>   Wanted you all to know another Medieval program is out this month.  
>5, Tuesday, 10 p.m. on TLC, a program on King Arthur, archaeologists and
>all, will air.  FYI. . .
>   And if you Really want to do it - Trading Spaces is doing a "medieval
>loft" next week as well (grin).  Seriously - there's a helm hung from the
>ceiling, and . . . .
>   Gerita
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