[Elfsea] An Outstanding Lughnasad

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Tue Aug 12 10:26:10 PDT 2003

Greetings Loch Ruadh and congratulations!

We extend our sincere thanks to all of those who helped make Lughnasad the
wonderful success that it was. The fighting was honorable, the competitions
friendly, water-bearing was relentless :-), the feast was fabulous and the
weather was outstanding for an Ansteorran August. The relaxed atmosphere and
scheduling of activities once again demonstrated Loch Ruadh's consideration
and made for one of the most pleasant camping experiences in our recent
memory. The donnybrook, and plethora of youth activities was delightful. And
while there are too many to name individually, we would like to thank Lady
Aingeal for taking such good care of HL Ameline during the event and Lord
Padraig for the fine job heralding court, not to mention autocrating the
event! And we must say the members of Fian Ruadh who stood guard during
court looked marvelous and kept us well protected. VIVAT!

We extend our congratulations to all the competition winners, and especially
to Loch Ruadh's new titled bard: HL Grimvere Longtooth of Rosenfeld. The
bardic competition was our first to help judge. The outstanding performances
of so many made the task quite daunting indeed.

The archery list included a wonderful children's shoot that saw the death of
the dreaded CD dragon, whose head was presented to us by the victors. The
adult shoot was also well attended where an IKAC round was shot, marking
another first for Lughnasad! And "Thanks" to Dragonsfire Tor for again
hosting an outstanding Knife, Axe and Spear competition, not to mention a
bit of unique water bearing in their carriage during the evening's revel.

In morning court, from the crown, Daniel (the younger) Mac an Ghabhann
received the Rising Star of Ansteorra and in evening court additional
well-deserved awards were conferred. Lord Rolf Sewardson and Lord Dohmnall
Dubh O'Ruairc received Sable Comets for their exceptional service to the
canton. Lord Conal Mac an Ghabhann and Lady Magdelea Mac an Ghabhann each
received Sable Thistles in brewing. And at the conclusion of a magnificent
outdoor feast, the feastocrat, Brighid Ellen nic Seward Mac Fergus, received
her Award of Arms to become the newest Lady in the land. For Lady Brighid,
and indeed all of Loch Ruadh, we say, "VIVAT!"

There were two Portcullises bestowed as well; Lady Tangwystl ferch Maredudd
for her service to the barony and fine job as Elfsea's recent hospitaler;
and for Lady Madelina de Lindsaye for many years of service working demos,
sharing bardic pieces, poetry, filks and more. Thank you ladies, yours are
the first we have had the honor to sign our names to.

On the heels of those first awards, we had the distinct pleasure of
conferring the Premier Award of the Rising Moon to the Grand HooHaa, during
her most entertaining evening court. :-) We leave it to others to relate
more about HooHaa court. ;-)

Lughnasad is an event not to be missed. We learned that the gate numbers
exceeded 200 (I believe it was 219, or so) representing an increase again
this year for Lughnasad and we have no doubt this trend will continue! Well
done, Loch Ruadh!

In the service of kingdom & crown, we remain,
Armand & Ameline
Lord & Lady Loch Ruadh

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