[Elfsea] Rebekah & Wilim Update

Terri Head Terri at pandora.org
Wed Aug 13 16:03:14 PDT 2003

Greetings all,

    I have heard from the Popcicle-heads in Canada, (a.k.a. Rebekah of Newcastle and Wilim Penbras ap Gurgenu) and they are doing marvy. They are staying with Wilim's dad, and are getting along well. Rebekah is adjusting to Wilim's family, and the Canadian way-of-life quite well. However, they miss our real Mexican food. Taco Bell, and some supermarket delicacies is all they have. She especially is enjoying the 70 degree weather! PPPPTTTTHHHHH!!!!! lol! Wilim is still in the persuit of a job there, but has had some great leads. 
     They report that their Kingdom is much more spread out (a day's journey to visit another Barony, I believe is what she told me) and events are rarely shared between the whole Kingdom, let alone a Barony or two. The events are mainly day-tripers, as it is too friggin' cold to sleep over night in a tent at any location. This is what they miss most up there- they don't get to see everyone in their Kingdom as we do here. I can tell you, they miss the Ansteorra way of life, especially youz guyz! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

In service, and healing nicely,
Violet of Glamorganshire

 "Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead,  tell your storm how big your GOD is."

~ Unknown


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