[Elfsea] Newbie needs help...

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Greetings from Mistress Stella-
You don't have to have any particular type of items to attend a feast. In
many cases where people have forgotten their feast gear or have changed
their minds and decided to get feast without bringing their usual dishes,
paper plates and plastic silverware are necessary. While we try to be as
authentic as we can about recreating the atmosphere of the middle ages, not
everyone can afford period tents or period feast ware.
    A list of basic items that would be good to bring are: wooden, metal or
ceramic plate and bowl; fork, knife and spoon, regular table service will
work or you can get silverware that is designed more like that used
historically; a goblet or mug; and a cloth to cover the table. Where the
feast is outside, a form of lighting such as candles or oil lamp are
helpful. You can get fancier with matching table service and candle sticks,
etc. but that is not expected for every occasion, especially outdoor camping
    In service, HE Stella

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> Umm...I'm not sure who would be the most expert in this, but I haven't
> really the first clue what I would need, in the way of feast gear, to
> a feast.  However, me and my dear mother are interested in attending feast
> at Defender.  If someone could please advise us on this, it would be
> appreciated.
> Siobhan Ni Fearghus
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