[Elfsea] Feast kit.... was Newbie needs help...

Tom Parr seamus at elfsea.net
Fri Aug 15 13:46:16 PDT 2003

Super Seamus to the rescue....

Well for two people my usual feeast beasket includes....:
2 sets of plates 
2 bread plates
2 bowls
2 sets of knife fork and spoon...

to start of  with just by going to the dollar store you can find some cheep close to period looking feast gear....  I recomend getting somthing that is solid in color or glass <clear>

As for fork knife spoon,  Heavy metal with fewer tines the better for the fork...

Another way to go if you are artistic is to visit after hours pottery in arlington they have a good selection of feast gear which you can paint therre and they will fire and dip it for you.

Other than that I usually will throw in a wine key for beer bottles and opening wine bottles....

any questions just ask...!


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>Taaadaaa!  Hospitalier to the rescue :) I have a few
>items that you and your lovely mother may use for
>feast and I will be happy to help you guys put
>together a "feast basket" You will need at the least a
>bowl, spoon and drinking vessel. All else we can wing.
>I am free this Tuesday night if you are. It is good to
>hear from you. I miss seeing ya'll's bright smiles!
>--- Siobhan Ni Fearguis
><siobhan_ni_fearguis at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Umm...I'm not sure who would be the most expert in
>> this, but I haven't 
>> really the first clue what I would need, in the way
>> of feast gear, to attend 
>> a feast.  However, me and my dear mother are
>> interested in attending feast 
>> at Defender.  If someone could please advise us on
>> this, it would be greatly 
>> appreciated.
>> Siobhan Ni Fearghus
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