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I wouldn't worry about how appropriate they might be.....I use a plastic
glass that looks like real glass. I love it because I never have to worry
about sharp shards of glass in my feast basket.

My first feast gear set was all bought at Thrift Town. It consisted of an
aluminum stein, an old pie tin (I hammered out the bottom so that it was
more round) and my utinisels were from my kitchen drawer. Believe me....it
looked pretty bad, but no one ever said a thing to me....nor will they say a
thing to you.

The best places to look for those on a limited budget are thrift stores and
garage sales. Why? Alot of people go to Scarborough, buy really neat
feastware, decide that they no longer want it and either give it up for
donation or sell it in their garage sale....or they are given all these old
(or new) wooden bowls for a wedding gift and decide they no longer like

I hope this helps with your decision! :)


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Thank you, my lady.  I've missed you myself.  Life gets so busy...  I think
we would be more than happy to meet with you on Tuesday.  Mom found some
wonderful mugs that we might be interested in using, but I'm a little uneasy
about how appropriate they might be....

Siobhan Ni Fearguis

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