[Elfsea] Newbie needs help...

Wilkerson, Glen D glen.d.wilkerson at lmco.com
Mon Aug 18 05:32:41 PDT 2003

There's also a restaurant supply place at Fielder and West Pioneer in
Arlington.  And if you have a favorite restaurant that serves using period
looking dishes and utensels, they can sometimes be talked out of a plate or
bowl or two for the price of replacement.


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really cool, cheap feast gear..

Ace Restaurant supply on Denton Hwy (377 and 820, just north of the loop)
has some really cool plates.  They are pizza serving pans, range in size
from about the size the a personal pizza to the really big ones.  They look
almost exactly like the plates that you see in illuminated manuscripts or
paintings and cost about a whopping 2 bucks or less each.  They are very
light weight and very easy to clean, even the next day when not washed from
feast the night before.

They can take lots of abuse.  They don't break like expensive pottery (yeah,
I just laid out 25 bucks for a mug at Pennsic since I sort of  left mine at
home - and the kicker is that the potter lives an hour drive from me) and
they don't crack like wood.

The bowls are not so good, but the pizza pan plates are great!

Also, I have been scrounging the silver ware bins at Thrift Town.  Aside
from the sterling silver spoon I found for 49 cents, I have also found
several knives, spoons, and forks with different but medieval looking
designs on them.  Not period, exactly, but creates the ambiance.

Good luck on search for really cool stuff.

Medb Liath

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> Taaadaaa!  Hospitalier to the rescue :) I have a few
> items that you and your lovely mother may use for
> feast and I will be happy to help you guys put
> together a "feast basket" You will need at the least a
> bowl, spoon and drinking vessel. All else we can wing.
> I am free this Tuesday night if you are. It is good to
> hear from you. I miss seeing ya'll's bright smiles!
> Brigit
> --- Siobhan Ni Fearguis
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> > Umm...I'm not sure who would be the most expert in
> > this, but I haven't
> > really the first clue what I would need, in the way
> > of feast gear, to attend
> > a feast.  However, me and my dear mother are
> > interested in attending feast
> > at Defender.  If someone could please advise us on
> > this, it would be greatly
> > appreciated.
> >
> >
> >
> > Siobhan Ni Fearghus
> >
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