[Elfsea] Thank you to everyone who showed up this weekend to help

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Thank you Rixende for putting the list of people together who worked this last Saturday. I was unable to attend as I had a little trip to the Emergency room. I am fine. no worries.
We have another workday this sunday at Aislyn and Kerrics at about 2:00 pm we will be painting banners and list poles for the list field and anything else that needs to be done. The grill will be going and we can all eat together as well.
Aislyn and Kerric will please post directions to your house on the list.
Thank you Rixende and Tomas for opening your house and allowing us to trip the circuit breaker several times. ;)
To Tomas you are simply the Bed man.
Stay tuned for more info later on this evening.

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Greetings unto the Barony from Rixende. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came out to support the Barony in it's preparations for Defender. With a little extra work on Sunday by Tomas and Kael, all five beds are completely made. Michelle, Seamus, Kael and I finished staining the 2X4 slats and the plywood that rests on the 2X4 slats. All that is necessary to complete the beds is the staining of the sides of the five beds.

Arabella and I completed the unicorn and hawk tapestry on Sunday, and I have to say it looks pretty darn spiffy. I took some pictures with my video camera this morning, I will try and put some on my website, if I can figure out to get them off the camera.

Many thanks to all the following people who came out to help! I know I left someone out, so feel free to correct me if I forgot someone:

Isabella, Arabella, Sabine, Rixende, Tomas, Ameline, Ferghus, Trevor, Daniel, Kelin, Dirk, Seamus, Genvieve, Kael, Michelle, Beowulf, Amiliona, Maria

Those who stopped by for a visit and/or provided party supplies:

Kerrick, Aislynn, Duncan, Larissa, Tressa, Kim

Pictures from the workday will be available on Wednesday night, when I can slow down and get them off of Amiliona's camera.

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