[Elfsea] Thank you to everyone who showed up this weekend to help

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I would just like to give a very loud and heartfelt vivat to both Rixende and Tomas for opening up their home and allowing us all to make very large messes in both the house and yard  (that we did clean up).  I personally had a really great time . Again thank you for allowing us to do this, I can't wait to see what the beds now look like.

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      I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank those who came out and lent a hand on the beds.  Each thing one of you did was one less that I had to do myself.  I can safely say that the time it took to do the work was greatly affected by the efforts of the many.  Seamus, you astounded me, you were the first to show up and one of the last to leave (the next day).  Beowolf, your expertise, attention to detail and of course your fine selection of power tools were a tremendous asset. Finn, Wormy, Fergus, Dirk, Kael, Michelle, Rixende, and Ameline each of you pitched right in and did whatever needed doing; including the dirty work.  Thank you again.

       I spent most of my time outside so I did not see who all came by and worked inside but I am positive that in addition to those listed by Rixende that I saw Brighid working furiously on things Middle Eastern for the upcoming competition at Defender.

       For those who would like to know, the beds (five of them) were patterned off of Armande and Ameline's full size bed. I modified them to utilize more of the wood purchased so they are queen size. They are sturdy, although I have not run them though as stringent a stress test as I did the thrones.

       I would also like to thank those who brought food and spirits to share.  There was much to eat and the revelry lasted late into the night.  Thank you Seamus, Finn and of course the Grill Master Duncan, for helping break in my new grill. 

     Lastly, Master Richard, "I'm really not a Bed man, I'm just drawn that way." 


  Ever in Service,




  p.s. Thanks again to everyone who came.




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