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 Dearest Lady Arabella,

Hookah is an old term (from the drug crazed 60's) for water-pipe.  Something
perhaps,  you are too young to remember, my dear?  Anyway; while on one of
my forays to the Middle East, I was told that the proper term for water-pipe
was "Shee-sha" (pronunciation)  by the locals .


 Dearest Lady  Bridget,

I have a pretty blue glass one that you may borrow, if you would like.  In
addition I have some pear, cherry and apple herbs that are made to burn in
them, that you may use as well.  

 In Service,

 Wilhelm von Oldenburg

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What's a hookah?

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I have lights! Crates of them! White and Red, the best colors =).  I think I
have blue ones too, and of course rugs.  But, the hookah has to go by my
chair =).
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