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Siobhan Ni Fearguis siobhan_ni_fearguis at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 20 06:08:49 PDT 2003

Oh, don't feel bad, Crandall.  I, being only in my 23rd year of life, happen 
to know exactly what a hooka pipe is and have even smoked flavored tobacco 
from one.  There is actually a club in San Antonio that has a back room full 
of hooka pipes.  Very cool.

Just so you don't feel so old...  ;)

Siobhan Ni Fearghus

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>It is a waterpipe.
>Now you make me feel really old. From the caterpillar sitting on his 
>mushroom smoking a hookah, to the images in the movie "The Magic 
>Christian", to the coffee houses and the beatnik bars and Toulouse La Trek. 
>The recollections of listening, talking and enjoying company with a hookah 
>sitting in a prominant position in the group.
>A flash from the past.
>And now I must get going to work.
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> >What's a hookah?
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>Non Sum Qualie Eram
>Beware of entrance to a quarrel,
>But being in, bear it that the opposed
>May beware of thee......
>When you face a liar, look not first at the lie itself, but try hard to 
>learn more of the liar and reason out just why he tells such a falsehood 
>before you render judgement upon him. And if you find that liar is 
>motivated by malice and spite, then render that judgement which causes his 
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