[Elfsea] FW: [Steppes] Virus making the rounds

Spence Mabry smabry at flash.net
Wed Aug 20 07:36:40 PDT 2003

The Elfsea list had the same problem both yesterday and today and I also
make the same recommendation.

An ounce prevention can save a lot of grief later.

Ceatta o Gulcleth
Keeper of the Elfsea List

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In the admin queue for the mailing list this morning there were about 
fifteen virus laden messages (no text, with an attachment).  While I
know what the virus is it appears to us an address book payload system
of these messages were from list members).  Please update your sig or
files and scan for viruses.  If you do not have a virus scanner, I would

highly encourage you to get one, it will help protect you and everyone


Hubert d'Aiguës-Mortes
Steppes VScribe, Steppes Mailing List Admin

<b>Get MSN 8</b> and enjoy automatic e-mail virus protection.  

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