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good luck with your studies Irina..... I graduated from UTA. If you need
another eye for your papers I'm here for you.  I majored in Communications
and Minored in English.  Xene is also a graduate of UTA.

We take Ashley (my oldest at home daughter) to Steven F Austin next
Wednesday.  Her major is History as well, with the goal of going to Law
School upon graduation.

Good luck to all of our students.

Subject: [Elfsea] Irina at UTA

Irina (mka Katelyn Crane) is now officially in her dorm.
Located at the North (dead end) of Weat on campus, it is between the
University Center and the Health building, just to the west of the new
Arlington Hall dorm.
Brazos House is the oldest dorm and was built in the 30's for Army types.
Thus the rooms are the size of a footlocker, with a rather unique shower /
toilet arrangement for each suite of rooms.
4 girls - 2 sinks - 1 shower - 1 toilet
This is truely scary.
Her room is 403A, and that means fourth floor, no elevator, her legs are
going to have a workout. Of course by Gulf War she will be in better shape
than the rest of the barony.
No room for her pell or even her shield so she will be haveing it delivered
to fighter practice.
If you want to come see her you must call to get in the dorm, and she has an
official snail mail box, address below:
Katelyn Crane
P.O.Box 191435
Arlington, TX 76019
Her major is history, minor may be either art or anthropology.

My ward is making me very proud, and I encourage all to foster those who we
meet, even if they eventually learn from all of us.


Non Sum Qualie Eram

Beware of entrance to a quarrel,
But being in, bear it that the opposed
May beware of thee......

When you face a liar, look not first at the lie itself, but try hard to
learn more of the liar and reason out just why he tells such a falsehood
before you render judgement upon him. And if you find that liar is motivated
by malice and spite, then render that judgement which causes his doom.
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