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Medb here...
BA English
MA English (thesis option no less!)

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> I got my Masters of Professional Accouting at UTA. Pyro is currently
finishing her Phd in Physics there. Countess Allyson is finishing a Nursing
degree at UTA. Who else?
> Caelin
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> >good luck with your studies Irina..... I graduated from UTA. If you need
> >another eye for your papers I'm here for you.  I majored in
> >and Minored in English.  Xene is also a graduate of UTA.
> >
> >We take Ashley (my oldest at home daughter) to Steven F Austin next
> >Wednesday.  Her major is History as well, with the goal of going to Law
> >School upon graduation.
> >
> >Good luck to all of our students.
> >Arabella
> >
> >Subject: [Elfsea] Irina at UTA
> >
> >
> >Irina (mka Katelyn Crane) is now officially in her dorm.
> >Located at the North (dead end) of Weat on campus, it is between the
> >University Center and the Health building, just to the west of the new
> >Arlington Hall dorm.
> >Brazos House is the oldest dorm and was built in the 30's for Army types.
> >Thus the rooms are the size of a footlocker, with a rather unique shower
> >toilet arrangement for each suite of rooms.
> >4 girls - 2 sinks - 1 shower - 1 toilet
> >This is truely scary.
> >Her room is 403A, and that means fourth floor, no elevator, her legs are
> >going to have a workout. Of course by Gulf War she will be in better
> >than the rest of the barony.
> >No room for her pell or even her shield so she will be haveing it
> >to fighter practice.
> >If you want to come see her you must call to get in the dorm, and she has
> >official snail mail box, address below:
> >Katelyn Crane
> >P.O.Box 191435
> >Arlington, TX 76019
> >Her major is history, minor may be either art or anthropology.
> >
> >My ward is making me very proud, and I encourage all to foster those who
> >meet, even if they eventually learn from all of us.
> >
> >Crandall
> >
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