[Elfsea] Cool news ya'll

Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 23 07:48:23 PDT 2003

If this part of the event is a big as I think it will
be then we are in for a night of wonderful

I will get with Rix on fine tuning but this is what I
have so far...

dance for 5 minutes max, live or canned music please
let me know if you have cd or cassette and what track
your music is on, any special props that need
attending, planned routine is fine.

Wow, what a night this is going to be!


--- ORDERS_DONITA_L at lilly.com wrote:
> I am very excited to read that the event is drawing
> such press!!!  I am 
> really looking forward to the competition, but had a
> few questions on the 
> format.  Has a format been decided?  Will all the
> dancing be to live 
> music, or will prepared pieces be acceptable?  If
> so, is there a time 
> limit on the performances?  I have been looking for
> the sign-up form, have 
> I missed it?
> Thank you for hosting this ground breaking event!
> Lady Toryn Seven Stitches>
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