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Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Wed Aug 27 21:47:41 PDT 2003

>I have to join the ranks of "page not available".  Can't get there from here.

I'm sorry to hear that there are problems for some.  But since it is only for some, I will need more information to even begin to figure this out.  If those with problems could email me at timothy at elfsea.net with :

1) Time it was tried
2) Internet Service Provider you are using (ie AOL, SBC, NetZero, etc)
3) Browser Type (ie Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, etc)
4) Browser Version
5) Operating System of the computer (ie Windows 95, 2000, XP, etc)
6) Does it always happen, or is it intermitent
7) How long has it been happening
8) What else can you tell me about the problem

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timothy at elfsea.net

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