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Fri Aug 29 10:30:41 PDT 2003

Don Alaric spoke:

> I have noticed a trend lately, when marshals are travelling to
> out of town events, of cancelling official regularly scheduled
> Sunday  ighter practices.

I don't know about Elfsea, because I don't attend their practices, but in
Steppes the practices tend to be cancelled because ALL the fighters are
going to the same out-of-town event.  This weekend, for example, all but I
think one fighter will be at Gothic Wars.  Kinda hard to have a practice if
there is nobody to hit.

Also, it says on Page 89 of the Kingdom Marshal's Handbook that "Each SCA
sanctioned combat activity at an official SCA practice shall be attended by
at least one Warranted Marshal or their designated Deputy" (those terms
defined elsewhere in the Handbook).  I would guess that means that if you
cannot get a Warranted Marshal or Deputy at the practice, it is not an
official SCA practice.  And I think that if that happens the tendency is to
cancel the practice instead of allowing an unsanctioned one.

Can the Marshals comment?

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