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Hell, I'm practicing whether the local marshal is there or not...I could
care less how many people go out to an event this weekend.  If one person
shows up to fight, it'll be time well spent.  :)


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  I have noticed a trend lately, when marshals are travelling to out of town
events, of cancelling official regularly scheduled Sunday fighter practices.
It has never been standard practice in my 25 years in the SCA, and until
only recently was just never done.  Where did this idea suddenly come from
that if the marshal couldn't attend practice, practice couldn't happen?

  Practice is going to happen, fighting is going to occur, the recent e-mail
traffic is proof of that.  Marshals, if you are going out of town - even if
the majority of local fighters are going out of town - you don't cancel
practice.  That's what deputy marshals are for, and unofficial deputys of

  When you return from your event you find out who went to practice, you
interview them to find out what happened, and that's what goes in your
report - not "practice was cancelled."  Fighters, keep an eye on what goes
on at practice as a courtesy to your marshal when he is absent, and report
to him afterwards.  And if the marshal receives several such reports, all
the better.  The more information he receives, the better he can make an
informed montly report.

  At least that's what worked for me during the five years I was Rapier
Marshal of the Steppes, and while I haven't been to any practices for way
longer than I like, when I do finally come back I want them to still be
there.  There has only ever been one reason to cancel a regular fighter
practice aside from weather, and that's when a close neighboring group had a
major event.  You cancelled your practice as a courtesy, and an occasion to
go visit your neighbors.

  Don Alaric Greythorne

  PS - And of course, those wonderful combined practices we used to have...
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