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Not sure if anyone else is interested in this or not but thought I'd pass it
along anyhow.... The Biblical Arts Center in Dallas has a new exhibit
starting 5 September.    I hope to make a trip out there so I can get a
first hand look at some of the illumination work - anyone up for a group
trip?  The tickets are somewhat pricey but I think it might be worth a trip.

Wiederhören, Isolde

      Rather than trying to describe it myself I copied it from this site
www.deadseaexhibit.com if you need any further info.

      The Dead Sea Scroll fragments are just one part of an extraordinary
display of rare ancient Biblical manuscripts and historic Bibles coming to
Dallas on September 5th. This one-of-a-kind exhibit, known officially as
Dead Sea Scrolls to the Forbidden Book, contains fragments from the Dead Sea
Scrolls, including portions of Genesis and Isaiah, and numerous Bibles
including a manuscript Wyclif Bible from the 15th Century, the first
translation of the Holy Book into English.

      Other rare items include several 5,000-year-old pictographic clay
tablets from ancient Mesopotamia, the earliest form of writing in history,
and a 2,600-year-old scroll containing the oldest known Hebrew writing and
the earliest known written example of the Hebrew name for God, Elohim.

      This awe-inspiring collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and Bibles
from around the world comes together for a first-time exhibit to tell a
unique story seldom told—the complete history of the Bible, focusing on the
Bible in English. “Intriguing, educational, moving . . .” are just a few
words that best describe this exhibit, says Dr. William Noah, Dead Sea
Scrolls to the Forbidden Book Curator

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