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I agree. I'm the Rapier Marshall as of July. I haven't missed a Sunday 
practice that I know of, officially cancelled or otherwise in a year or so. 
There has always been someone there - unless it was raining....

Dirk the Just

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>Hell, I'm practicing whether the local marshal is there or not...I could
>care less how many people go out to an event this weekend.  If one person
>shows up to fight, it'll be time well spent.  :)
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>   I have noticed a trend lately, when marshals are travelling to out of 
>events, of cancelling official regularly scheduled Sunday fighter 
>It has never been standard practice in my 25 years in the SCA, and until
>only recently was just never done.  Where did this idea suddenly come from
>that if the marshal couldn't attend practice, practice couldn't happen?
>   Practice is going to happen, fighting is going to occur, the recent 
>traffic is proof of that.  Marshals, if you are going out of town - even if
>the majority of local fighters are going out of town - you don't cancel
>practice.  That's what deputy marshals are for, and unofficial deputys of
>   When you return from your event you find out who went to practice, you
>interview them to find out what happened, and that's what goes in your
>report - not "practice was cancelled."  Fighters, keep an eye on what goes
>on at practice as a courtesy to your marshal when he is absent, and report
>to him afterwards.  And if the marshal receives several such reports, all
>the better.  The more information he receives, the better he can make an
>informed montly report.
>   At least that's what worked for me during the five years I was Rapier
>Marshal of the Steppes, and while I haven't been to any practices for way
>longer than I like, when I do finally come back I want them to still be
>there.  There has only ever been one reason to cancel a regular fighter
>practice aside from weather, and that's when a close neighboring group had 
>major event.  You cancelled your practice as a courtesy, and an occasion to
>go visit your neighbors.
>   Don Alaric Greythorne
>   PS - And of course, those wonderful combined practices we used to 
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