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I thought I would give a definition of the group of people who attend SSN.
It is mainly people who are active in Elfsea and Steppes who just happens to 
live WAY!! out south of Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. (Midlothian (was Elfsea now is 
under Steppes) Cedar Hill, Duncanville, DeSoto, Oak Cliff, Joshua, Cleburne, 

Many of us have children and traveling to the far side of Dallas or Ft. Worth 
on a school night really effects our children school. Or they are adults who 
just don't want to spend a total of 3-4hrs driving to a meeting and back in 
one night.  Lately we have been painting and painting and painting scrolls. We 
have a growing interest in archery, spear, knife and ax as well. There have 
been nights that points about fighting have been taught and nights when work on 
armor has occurred. We have seen bead work on dresses and embroidery done as 
well as weaving and watching historical programs on TV. We have had nights with 
a lot of food and nights with nothing. It is never the same. But what we do 
have is wonderful people getting together sharing ideas and interests. Building 
of bonds of friendship.  We have been doing this for almost a year. If you 
have not visited please know you are invited.  We meet every other Wednesday if 
nothing happens (sick children or hosts). Our next meeting will be next 
Wednesday Dec 17th and we will be talking about 12th night and Corrination that will 
be here soon and in our area. I would like us to have a stack of scrolls to 
hand in at corrination. So mark you calander. Bring something to share and eat. 
I will have spiced apple cider on the stove. 

Lady Maili Donnel MacGregor
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