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ThoraOdottir@aol.com ThoraOdottir at aol.com
Mon Dec 8 14:49:22 PST 2003

Unto the populace of Dragon's Fire Tor,

I am interested in seeing if I can get some folks out to teach us some of the 
neato stuff out there.  But first I need to know what ya'll would be 
interested in learning about.  Come to A&S tonight and let me know or reply to this 
post.  We will probably have to schedule these around the demonstrators 
schedules so we may have some odd or inconvenient times or places but I think that 
would be a small price to pay to get some of the interesting classes a little 
closer to home.

Let me know where your interests lie.

Thora Olafsdottir
A&S Minister, Canton of Dragon's Fire Tor
mka Kristi Conard-Fite
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