[Elfsea] Everyone - Opinions Please!

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1)       The Moon
2)       The Tide or perhaps the Wind as has been guessed already
3)       Fire, I agree with the rest.
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Hey Everyone!
I don't know how many of you know that I'm a writer, but well...that's my
other hobby. At the moment I'm attempting to create my own riddles for a
novel I wrote several years back. (Its currently in the editing stages) I
just wanted to get some opinions on whether they make sense and if you like
them and can guess the answers.
Please, keep in mind this is a fantasy fiction novel...it may help with your
consideration of the riddles. 
1. I journey only in the shadow of night. Sometimes I reveal myself in
brillian splendor. Sometimes I am barely seen at all. At dawn I surrender,
at dusk I prevail. What am I?
2 I come and go as I please, but always with repetition. White horses dance
in my wake and sand shifts to my bidding. No one can control m e and even
the courageous fear my wrath. What am I?
This last one is the one I am most concerned with.
3. I dance with the shadows and thrive on air. Everything I touch is branded
and nothing I consume is unchanged. Many can create me, some can wield me,
but none may own me. What am I?
My objective is for the reader to be able to understand and guess the answer
as well, so I will post the answers later on after I see what you guys have
to say. 
Thank you for your help in advance,

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