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Dulcy dulciana_kathleen at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 15 17:16:27 PST 2003

Thanks everyone. Its good to know they can be solved at least...I hate riddles that when you get the answers...you're like...huh? The majority of you are correct...and Lady Ameline...brova...the answers actually made sense AND were amusing...however they were not correct as I'm sure you guessed. lol.
1. I journey only in the shadow of night. Sometimes I reveal myself in brillian splendor. Sometimes I am barely seen at all. At dawn I surrender, at dusk I prevail. What am I?
Answer: The Moon was the intended answer, although I liked Starlight and lantern...which will give my character some considerations before she of course gets the right answer. 
2. I come and go as I please, but always with repetition. White horses dance in my wake and sand shifts to my bidding. No one can control me and even the courageous fear my wrath. What am I?
Answer: The ocean or tide was what I was going for, however, ironically in the story, before the mc decided the right answer, Wind was what she considered. Great minds think alike...
3. I dance with the shadows and thrive on air. Everything I touch is branded and nothing I consume is unchanged. Many can create me, some can wield me, but none may own me. What am I?
Answer: And of course, Fire was the correct answer there. 
Thank you so much for your help. 

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