[Elfsea] Fighter shield question

Scott sdickers at ix.netcom.com
Mon Dec 15 20:34:11 PST 2003

I'm new to SCA and in the process of making my first shield.
I'm thinking of making a "heater style shield" and would like input
from those of you that are experienced in shield making and in the
use of a heater style shield. I have read a couple of articles on this
shield and have a few questions about the style.

1. Is this a good beginners shield?
2. The patterns I have seen for making a shield blank of this type
    say to use  1/2" plywood cut 24"X 26". This size in length seems
    a bit to short and in my opinion and would not give  me the ability to
    fend off  attacks to the upper leg. Would extending this length
    to say 32" maybe 36" be acceptable?
3. I have read references to making the shield with a slight amount of
    curvature to it, in the order of about 2" to 3". The reference
    stated that a slightly rounded shield is better than a flat one.
    My question is, is this true? I don't mind taking the extra steps to
    do this provided there is a benefit. Hey, I think a slightly rounded
    shield looks kind of neat anyway so I'll probably do it anyway but
    would like the opinion of those who are experienced.
4. Last but not least, would it be advisable to strengthen the edges
    with small gauge steel to increase the life span of the shield?

Well that's it for now. I would like to add a world of thanks to all of
of you that have been so gracious enough to talk to me the past
few weeks when I got interested in SCA. Thanks to the guys at fighter
practice for letting me join in game. Armand, Ceatta, Brigit, Stella,
thanks for your encouragement. There are more here I should thank
but I cant remember all your names. I apologize for that, and with
time will remember all those names. Thanks again all.


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