[Elfsea] Fighter shield question

Ron Walters rwalt5 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 15 21:24:53 PST 2003

Here is my opinion regarding shields...
  1. Is this a good beginners shield?

  Yes, one of the best for new fighters.

  2. The patterns I have seen for making a shield blank of this type
      say to use  1/2" plywood cut 24"X 26". This size in length seems
      a bit to short and in my opinion and would not give  me the ability to
      fend off  attacks to the upper leg. Would extending this length
      to say 32" maybe 36" be acceptable?

  I would highly recommend making the shield 24" wide and 36" long, that is fairly standard throughout the kingdom.

  3. I have read references to making the shield with a slight amount of 
      curvature to it, in the order of about 2" to 3". The reference
      stated that a slightly rounded shield is better than a flat one.
      My question is, is this true? I don't mind taking the extra steps to
      do this provided there is a benefit. Hey, I think a slightly rounded
      shield looks kind of neat anyway so I'll probably do it anyway but
      would like the opinion of those who are experienced.

  In my opinion a curved shield is a bad idea, the benefit would be that the shield is stronger, and may last a little longer. The disadvantage would be that you are taking away from the width of it, Even if it is a small difference. I don't recommend it.

  4. Last but not least, would it be advisable to strengthen the edges
      with small gauge steel to increase the life span of the shield?

  Strengthening the corners may be a good idea. Though a better idea is to build the shield using a sheet of aluminum. you can pick up a 2'x3' piece for about $30. I have fought with the same aluminum shield for about 5 years, and it is just now getting a slight bend to it. The aluminum is also lighter than plywood.

  I hope this helps,

  Sir Virgil von Augsburg


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