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Dulcy dulciana_kathleen at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 12:55:41 PST 2003

Raimond -
I've been there and I feel for you. I'd be happy to assist you. My family had Christmas this last weekend, so I have nothing planned. I do have a truck! :D Just got it...I realized real quick how handy it would be in the SCA. Feel free to contact me at dulciana_kathleen at yahoo.com or at 817-909-6747. If no one answers leave your name and number, we'll get back to you. 
Eager to help a friend in need -

neil starkey <raimonddemora at hotmail.com> wrote:

As many know, I am still in the process of trying to move.  Unfortunately, it has taken longer than expected.  Time for me is running out.  I pretty much have till the end of the year to finish.  With that in mind, next weekend, yes the weekend after Christmas, I am asking for as much help as I can to finish this move.  I already have some people to thank for helping me thus far.  If you can help, let me know.  If you a truck and can help let me know.  I will fund dinner at the end of the day, but my goal is to be completely out be weeks end.  By the way, the house is up for sale if anyone is looking.

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