[Elfsea] Gulf War Meals

Ameline Dubois ameline at generich.com
Mon Dec 22 13:03:36 PST 2003

Greetings to you all from your Baroness Ameline,

  We all need to have a planning meeting about many things about Gulf War.
Right after the holidays I plan on trying to get together with many people
at a fighter practice so we can make some plans as to cooking,
packing,loading and unloading, and camping space. Elfsea and Steppes have in
the past camped close and shared some common area. This worked to some and
did not work for others.I would like to make this war campsite free of great
hostility and animosity.If we all can talk about this on the list without
getting **snippy or mean **we can find out what people need and want from
this Gulf War.Think about these questions and answer if you want to.

How *period* do you think Elfsea should look?
Is *period * important to you?
Do you go to the war as part of Elfsea supporting Ansteorra?
Do you go to war to fight for Ansteorra?
Do you want to camp with Steppes?
Do you want to have group cooking plans?
Big or small groups?
Do we need to bring big blue?
If so where do you want to put it?
Do we want a shade tent at the castle area?
Do we need a camp mom?
How much land do you *really* need?
Do we need a big truck?
Are you going to help load and unload this big truck?

There are many more questions I have not thought of but if we can think and
talk about these things in a calm way before we are in the month of the war
we might be able to forgo some of the bickering and fighting that have
plagued other war trips.<That must be an oxymoron.>

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