[Elfsea] Gulf War Meals

Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 15:17:06 PST 2003

> How *period* do you think Elfsea should look?
With the walls for Gulf war that will help the look
over all but I agree that some of the more period
tents go up front like window dressing and the rest
fill in.
> Is *period * important to you?
If it were for a compatition or something along those
lines then yes. Other wise we go for comfort and a dry
sleeping space.

> Do you go to the war as part of Elfsea supporting
> Ansteorra?
This year yes.

> Do you go to war to fight for Ansteorra?
I will with spear.

> Do you want to camp with Steppes?
They are my friends and I enjoy their company.

> Do you want to have group cooking plans?
One meal a day for the group plan would be helpful for
those who are fighting so they don't have to cook and
precious packing space is conserved. With planning
there can be a communial kitchen for use by all. I
have accomplished this with great success and I am
sure that we can work together to meet the food need.

> Big or small groups?
such as?

> Do we need to bring big blue?
Yes please!

> If so where do you want to put it? 
Where the fighters can use it at the field/fort.

> Do we want a shade tent at the castle area?
Please see above.

> Do we need a camp mom?
A camp mom can help those who have smalls to feed and
make sure that meals get started on time to feed the
"masses" If there is a rotation for "mom" then no one
gets burned out. I have served as "camp mom" for the
Fray at many a war and am willing to help as much as
possible if a camp mom is requested by our group.

> How much land do you *really* need?
I have not camped with Elfsea before so I can not
answer that question.

> Do we need a big truck?
For the communial kitchen I am sure plus the large
pavillion and our tables for eating and stuff.

> Are you going to help load and unload this big
> truck?
Yes :)


> There are many more questions I have not thought of
> but if we can think and
> talk about these things in a calm way before we are
> in the month of the war
> we might be able to forgo some of the bickering and
> fighting that have
> plagued other war trips.<That must be an oxymoron.>
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