[Elfsea] Gulf War Meals

Sue Delk ladydds at centex.net
Mon Dec 22 17:32:18 PST 2003

Greetings, friends,

Much snippage....

> How *period* do you think Elfsea should look?  I like a period look to our
encampment, but not everyone can afford the expensive pavillions to make our
entire camp period.  Let's work to keep mundanity to a minimum and keep the
nylon tents to the rear, etc.

> Do you go to the war as part of Elfsea supporting Ansteorra?  I go to War
to support Antseorra.  But my "jobs" with Ansteorra are twofold.  I go to
support as an Artisan for Ansteorra when I can, but I support the whole
populace of the war, regardless of kingdom, as Kingdom Waterbearer and a

> Do you go to war to fight for Ansteorra?  When I get armored for combat
archery, yes.

> Do you want to camp with Steppes?  If they want to camp with us, yes.  But
I just don't want to lose our relationship with our sister barony over 'Turf
wars" at Gulf War.  If that's the case, make it separate.

> Do you want to have group cooking plans?  I like meal plans since I go
alone.  that way I don't have to have a lot of food for just me.  Plus, I
like cooking for folks!  ;-)

> Big or small groups? Smallish for meal plans, that way nobody is excluded
due to finances.

> Do we need to bring big blue?  Yes, for group spirit and shelter for our
fighters and populace.

> If so where do you want to put it?  On the field.

> Do we want a shade tent at the castle area?  No

> Do we need a camp mom?  Not if everyone cleans up after themselves and
keeps things nice for everyone else.  Just like Raimond said, we're adults
here.  Ok, most of us are.

> How much land do you *really* need?  Enough for my tent and room to cook.

> Do we need a big truck?  If it's necessary.

> Are you going to help load and unload this big truck?  If necessary, yes.

I'm willing to help with whatever we need....

In service,
Lady Genevieve del Gamba

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