[Elfsea] Gulf War Meals

Stefen and Rhonda Hays housedragonstar at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 22 19:14:14 PST 2003

> How *period* do you think Elfsea should look?

>From the road, we need a view.  It would be nice to have a "period" area to
escape from our own mundanity. (I get tired of looking at drying towels and
clothes in the tent after a bit.)

> Is *period * important to you?

Well, duh, that is one of the reasons why I play this game! But I am less
concerned with rigorous authenticity.  Just go for the mood, if nothing

> Do you go to the war as part of Elfsea supporting Ansteorra?

Yes, my duties are geared toward supporting the Crown - being the internal
submissions herald, I am there to take cash and review forms from the GW
Heralds' Point.  Daire fights, and fights and fights.

> Do you go to war to fight for Ansteorra?

Daire fights and fights and fights.  Cailyn will fight boffer this year.  I
fight if I can find someone to watch Cailyn while the big war point battles
are going on.

> Do you want to camp with Steppes?

Doesn't matter to me, as long as we all march to the same drum in terms of
camp rules. It would also be nice to have a common gate area.  If the two
baronies want to sit side by side, with their own gates, that is fine too.
The most important thing is that we share a common vision of what the camp
should look like and how we behave.

> Do you want to have group cooking plans?

As long as the "camp kitchen" does not deny me camping space and as long as
I am not required to participate.  I have to work our meals around battles,
consulting table hours, children't activities, boffer and the odd tournament
that I have to watch.

> Big or small groups?

Since we won't be in one, it doesn't matter to us.

> Do we need to bring big blue?


> If so where do you want to put it?

By the fort.

> Do we want a shade tent at the castle area?

See above.

> Do we need a camp mom?

Not if we set out the "rules" early on:  trash, condition of common area (no
trash left over from the drinking party), tiki torches, etc.  But someone
will be required to enforce the rules at some point.  Plus, we need to
communicate the "rules" to all camping with us.

Bigger issue is camp layout.  Who is camping where, where are the walkways
and how do we deal with fire safety?

> How much land do you *really* need?

10x20 with tiki torch clearance if only the two of us go and another 10x10
if the brat goes along. We will pre-register for all three of us - this is
Evan's year with Dad.

> Do we need a big truck?

If the Barony needs to bring stuff - Big Blue, gate, etc, then yes.
Personally, we have got our needs covered.  Plus, we need to flexibility to
leave early if needed.

> Are you going to help load and unload this big truck?

Will help with the things that we use - big blue, breaking down common area.
We have to leave as early as possible on Sunday.  We might consider breaking
down the common areas and big blue on Saturday and stage the totes for
loading later.  It would certainly help for those of us who would like to
help, but have to be in town to get kids to bed early for school on Monday.

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