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Tue Dec 23 17:53:43 PST 2003

Dear Elfsea, 
Raimond has asked for help this weekend. I know many of you will be with your 
families. But he is part of our SCA-Elfsea family. 
Many of you may not know some old SCA stories but this reminds me of one. 
There was a lady in the SCA who broke down on the side of the road and needed 
help. The only place she could find was a trucker bar that didn't look the best. 
She walked in and asked if there was anyone who still believed in Honor and 
Chivalry. They all called one gentleman's name and pointed to the back. A man in 
the back corner stood in a chainmail shirt and walked out with her and 
helped. So in that same spirit Raimiond has asked for our help as SCAers we can do 
no other than to stand and go to his aid. 

Think about how many times he has selflessly helped us out at events and in 
Elfsea over the years.

My family will be there. Will yours? 

Lady Maili Donnel MacGregor 

His address: 744 Knihgt Ln, Irving, TX 75060.  
Contact can be made at raimonddemora at hotmail.com

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raimonddemora at hotmail.com writes:
As many know, I am still in the process of trying to move.  Unfortunately, it 
has taken longer than expected.  Time for me is running out.  I pretty much 
have till the end of the year to finish.  With that in mind, next weekend, yes 
the weekend after Christmas, I am asking for as much help as I can to finish 
this move.  I already have some people to thank for helping me thus far.  If 
you can help, let me know.  If you a truck and can help let me know.  I will 
fund dinner at the end of the day, but my goal is to be completely out be weeks 
end.  By the way, the house is up for sale if anyone is looking.
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