[Elfsea] Gulf War Meals

Estella Flather eflather at flash.net
Wed Dec 24 08:04:07 PST 2003

Greetings from HE Stella-
We need to have a Gule War planning meeting, but please don't hold it while
the fighters are trying to do their practice. Before or after fighter
practice would be OK.
    The whole point of the SCA is to try to recreate a historical feel. I
think this can be done, even with mundane tents with cloth covers, banners
and such. It also helps if people keep their trash, dirty dishes and empty
drink bottles picked up and out of sight.
    I go to the was to fight for Ansteorra, which also includes volunteering
and helping with A&S.
    I liked having Steppes as our neighbors, but we don't know what their
plans are, so we need to find out what they are planning on doing. I believe
House Arkham, which has been the majority of the Steppes contingent in past
years, is planning on getting their own land this year.
    I have participated in food plans in the past, but it is usually more
expensive for me to do that than to feed myself and I'm not always available
when its time to eat. So I do not want to participate in a food program. One
of the problems in the past has been too many different groups trying to use
one food preparation area at the same time. It might be more fair to have
each food group take from their own allotment of space for their own food
prep area. Much of the space problem has been with people's living area
(tents) and the common areas exceeding the actual space they are allotted.
We need to be more careful that people with big tents not taking more space
than they are allotted. If you have a big period tent, measure the space it
takes up carefully and if it is more space than Gulf Wars allows the number
of people staying in it, you need to bring a smaller tent, or have some
other people stay in it with you. Having a barracks tent can be fun.
Remember we are not given extra room for a common area or fire pit. That
space has to come out of the tenting space each person is given.
    Having Big Blue by the field is nice, but I know that I haven't used it
in the past several years, being too busy on the field. It is very large to
transport and takes lots of people to put up. Do we really need it?
    I have helped load and unload the big truck when we started using one,
even when I didn't have anything on it. I'm not doing it anymore! If Caelin
wants to get a smaller truck to haul Kingdom stuff, fine. I think we need to
go back to everyone being responsible for their own stuff.
    In service, HE Stella

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