[Elfsea] Re: "now we have all got Elvish names..."

Karie Mitchell kmitchel at ev1.net
Mon Jan 20 07:05:24 PST 2003

Mine is:

Alessandra - Atanvarne

Taken from:

ALEC: This is a shortened form of the Greek name Alexander, which is
composed of elements from alexein- "to defend" and aner, andros "man", thus
meaning "defender of men" or something similar ("man of defence" is another
possibility). When translating this, we should probably use atan rather than
nér for "man"; the latter simply means "sentient male", while atan is the
generic term for humans (at least originally - later it was used of the
Elf-friends only). But what is "defender" in Quenya? We have a verb varya-
"protect" (BAR), and we know that -do is an agentive suffix (cf. hilya- "to
follow" [KHIL] and Hildor "Followers", an Elvish name of Men in the
Silmarillion). A possible translation of "protector, defender" must
therefore be *vardo. The High-Elven equivalent of Alexander thus appears to
be Atanvardo. (The combination nv is rare in Quenya, but it is allowed in
compounds. Cf. Aragorn's title Envinyatar "Renewer".)

[Added: Since this article was first published, I have had a closer look on
Quenya derivation. After a stem ending in r, the preferred agental suffix is
probably no rather than do; the latter is used following l and n. Hence
vardo should rather be varno, hence Atanvarno. Another good word for
"protector" might be varyar, derived directly from varya-.]


Karie - KERRY (m. and f.) - from Gaelic 'Ciar's people'; Tyar = adopted
'Ciar' into Quenya, lie "people", so masc. Tyallio, fem. Tyallie (with an


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