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I would love to have my classes "write" to them. Please send me the

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> Anyone else have relatives being called to duty?
> Arabella

About Baroness Robyn's Boys (my brothers):

Sam, the tall red-headed brother, is currently in training at Ft. Bragg,
NC, where he will probably stay for the remaining term of his enlistment
because that's how long it will take them to train him.  He is going
through the Q-Course to become a Green Beret and when he finishes that,
he will go to Medic School.  So, unless this thing lasts for at least 2
more years, he's probably not going anywhere.  However, Justin, the one
who many of you remember being taped to a tree at one Wiesenfeuer, the
youngest, is stationed at Camp Pendleton.  As far as they have been
told, they are not going anywhere until August.  They are the ones
staying behind at this point to hold down the fort.  That being said,
his deployment in August will be for nine months.  I have addresses for
both boys if anyone would like to write them, just drop me an email at
breads at attbi.com and I will email it back to you.

Lady Marion
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