[Elfsea] update on David Cade

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Fri Jan 24 11:34:18 PST 2003

He can also rent from the Scooter Store.  I believe there is a shop in the
metroplex.  As far as plugging in there is a large bank of electrical plugs
in the same place as the Ansteorran Gate.  He'll need to get a barbeque
grill cover for the scooter and take the key with him every night.

Remind David to send in his pre-registration so he can camp with Elfsea.
He'll get lots of help setting up his tent and he'll be less than 50 yards
from where his scooter is plugged in.

Please give him our phone number.


Juliana, he can rent them from Medical supply houses.  I do earnestly
encourage him, after all he's been through, to get himself such a conveyance
and then advise Gulf Staff that he needs a place to plug in every night that
is close to where he's sleeping.  Please tell him to rest well, follow doc's
orders, and have a ball at Gulf.


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