[Elfsea] RE: [Ansteorra] Steppes 12th night- Clarification on surcharge

Cleek, James M. James.M.Cleek at abc.com
Fri Jan 3 07:18:29 PST 2003

Ok here is my situation. I can not seem to find one of my children's cards.
I know the number but have no way to prove family membership for him. What
happens now?

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We have gotten a little more information on the

If you have your card, you DO NOT have to pay the
surcharge or sign the waiver.

If you have a current Blackstar in your name, or a
postcard for membership from SCA,Inc., you DO NOT have
to pay the surcharge; but you DO have to sign the

Thank you again for all your patience on this issue.

Lord John de Irwyne
Steppes Treasurer

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