[Elfsea] Get YOUR Scarlet Letter

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Wed Jan 8 23:56:04 PST 2003

If you did not get to subscribe to the Scarlet Letter at Populace
meeting it's not tooooo late.  We will be at Coronation on Saturday. We
will have subscription forms and I'm pretty sure I can con the Loch
Ruadh Chronicler into bringing some Scarlet Letters with her.  Read the
Ruadh Noises while they are still fresh. This issue is blessed with a
message from our very own Lord and Lady Loch Ruadh (the Baron & Baroness
of Elfsea), a recipe for Mushroom Pasties, Articles on Sea Lore, how to
not ALWAYS be the feast-o-crat..., and New Year Musings, as well as
Officer Reports.

The cost you ask????  For a mere $6 you can pick up your Scarlet Letter
from the Chronicler or at Populace meeting. If you want it mailed to
your doorstep we are asking for 6 .37 cent stamps or a donation of $2.25
to cover the postage. What a deal!!

Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

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