[Elfsea] Funny Story and a sobering one

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Tue Jan 21 12:26:09 PST 2003

Yesterday Airaklee and Alasdair came to Fearghus and my house for some yard
fighter practice.  Alasdair walked in to the house and said, "I need to go
to the bathroom... wait I know where it is, I've been here before!  I used
to date a girl named Heather who lived here."  Fearghus said, "You dated my

About 10 years ago Heather, Fearghus' oldest daughter, at the age of 15
dated a guy who was 18, Alasdair.  We didn't like him to much we thought he
was too old for her.  He looked like a scrawny stringy haired heathen.
Coupled with the fact we only met him once or twice.

Fearghus called Heather the same evening and she said, "EEEEWWWWW!"
Fearghus said he's such a nice guy now.  Time and maturity is a wonderful
thing.  I don't remember him as being as tall as he is now.

Fearghus said it's a good thing she married someone else or we'd be doing
that Arkansas thing now.  Currently Alasdair is his student brother.

Heather also told us that David, her husband and a marine stationed at Camp
Pendleton in California, is to ship out the first week of February.  He'll
be going to Saudi Arabia.

Anyone else have relatives being called to duty?


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