[Elfsea] Honor Shields

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Tue Jan 28 21:03:44 PST 2003

There has been discussion in Loch Ruadh of having an Honor Board as part of the entrance for the House Mac/Loch Ruadh encampment at Gulf War.  An honor board is a display placed in front of an encampment to display the arms of those camping there.  The arms are painted on escutcheon shaped shields.  On the back is the Blazon of the device and the gentle's name.  This type of display packs a lot of punch in a small amount of space and visually is very impressive, and can add a lot to any entryway or encampment.

If other folk of our good Barony of Elfsea or sister Canton of Dragonsfire Tor would also like to have Honor Shields made, Lord Daniel O'Ceileachair and I can provide them at a reasonable cost.  We will make you an 8"x10" honor shield bearing your arms, with the blazon and your name on the back, with hooks suitable for hanging the shield on an Honor Board (or anywhere else you like).  These shields are excellent for display any time you camp, on an Honor Board or in front of your tent, proclaiming to all that you are present, and can also be hung on a wall at home.

We will need either a hardcopy drawing or a graphic of your arms (emailing a gif formatted file is preferable), either in color or a line drawing with notation of the colors required, the blazon, and your full SCA name and title(s).

The shields are made of 3/8 inch plywood, sealed and painted with high quality exterior latex enamel, with the backs finished in a light gray, and have hooks at the top corners.

8x10 shield, device on one side - $10.00
8x10 shield, device on both sides - $15.00
5x7 shield, device on one side - $8.00
5x7 shield, device on both sides - $13.00

Contact Lord Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain at padraig_ruad at irishbard.com

In Service,

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