[Elfsea] Elfsea Baronial investiture

Richard Threlkeld rjt at acm.org
Tue Jul 1 09:06:50 PDT 2003

I agree with virtually everyone else that we need to have a declaration from the candidates as soon as possible but at least two months prior to an investiture. The people of Elfsea need to have some time to question each candidate or candidate pair about the issues they believe are most important to Elfsea. They need some time to decide and to make their wishes known to the Crown.

But I also believe we would be best served as a Barony if the Crown could hear the wishes of the population, use their own knowledge of what it takes to run a Barony, and choose the person(s) they believe can best do the job as quickly as is practical. 

Finally, the investiture should come within two months of the announcement of the new Baron/Baroness, if possible. More time than that merely makes running the Barony more awkward for the Vicar and Vicaress, even if they are the chosen candidates. Of course, timing is entirely a matter for the Crown and subject to all the demands on their time that come with Coronation.

People of Elfsea, make your wishes known both to our Seneschal and to the upcoming Crown. They are good people who want the best for the Barony and will listen to you.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra

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