[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture Dates

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Tue Jul 1 19:01:15 PDT 2003

We would like to take this opportunity to share our views on the
questions posed by Master Richard. Ever mindful that the decision to
move forward in Elfsea is entirely at the prerogative of Their Royal
Highnesses, everyone in the Barony should share views and insights with
the Coronet that they may be better equipped to make sound and just

Elfsea is a land of people who consistently rise up to meet challenges
set before them. Elfsea has time and again done that which others
thought to be impossible. We believe that not only can Elfsea "pull off"
an investiture at Defender but we can do it with panache. Defender is
already set to be an event like none other in Ansteorran history, it
would be very fitting that we bring forward our new Landed Noble(s) and
invest them with the coronets of Elfsea, that they may move forward,
leading Elfsea on to even greater things. 

Should Their Highnesses decide that Defender is not appropriate then
certainly an investiture for Elfsea should only happen at an Elfsea
event. Our second choice is for the Barony to host another Investiture
Event in November.

As for preparation time, we believe that any of the prospective
candidates have certainly begun contemplating the "what if?" scenarios,
setting the ground work that could be built upon should the Crown call
them to serve.

Life is good in Elfsea, and new Landed Nobility at Elfsea Defender XXV
would be a fitting tribute to the strength and history of the Barony of
Elfsea, and the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

In Service to Ansteorra and Elfsea,

Lord Tomas Niallagain and Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen

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