[Elfsea] Southern Steppes

DonnelShaw@aol.com DonnelShaw at aol.com
Tue Jul 1 20:43:42 PDT 2003

Sorry, I am late getting this out but we drove to Dallas tonight for another 
Tomorrow is Southern Steppes night. Since coronation is just around the 
corner bring your paints and we will work on scrolls to turn in. Or if you are 
working on insignias bring those as wells. I will be glad to collect all that you 
have completed and turn them in at coronation. We will also be talking about 
Steppes Artisan that will take place in Midlothian. The pell is up in the back 
yard and the lawn is mowed. 
Come and join us in the fun. Bring something to add to the snack bar. We will 
start about 7-7:30 ish and disband about 10ish. 

Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor

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