[Elfsea] Investiture Planning

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Wed Jul 2 07:52:17 PDT 2003

Good Morning!

Cassandra and I had dinner with Baron Arthur last night.  He sends his 
greetings.  We discussed the current Baronial situation and the questions 
posted by Master Richard.  Arthur reminded us of the original investiture, 
the one to create the Barony.

There were several candidates at the time and they agreed to create the 
investiture ceremony together.  They decided upon the format – feast, 
procession, seating, etc. – and then left enough room in the plans for 
personalization once the Baron and Baroness were chosen.  Essentially, the 
core of the ceremony was decided upon and then “flavor” was added, be it 
Celtic, Elizabethan or French.

This seems to fall in line with what many people have been suggesting.  It 
could be accomplished by either using a committee composed of members of the 
populace and officers or the announced candidates as was done originally.  
The concept seems to promote unity within the Barony and should also allow 
us to have a ceremony that is inherently Elfsea.

This, obviously, seems like a good idea to us.  (Not just because he is my 
Knight.)  We are offering our home for this meeting if the Barony would like 
to go down this path.  We also started thinking of different things that 
will have to be covered or might be fun to do as part of the festivities.

At the first investiture, the soon-to-be-created Barony hosted a tea in the 
morning for the landed Baron and Baronesses in attendance to meet their soon 
to be cousins.  Also, maybe we should formalize the number of people for the 
high table at feast, so Lord Such-n-Such knows how big to make his marzipan 
sculpture of the first dog to attend Defender.  It would be nice for our 
cooks to have an idea of what they are facing, if they choose to present to 
the high table, tea or lunch.   If every candidate wants to include the past 
Elfsea Baron and Baronesses in their investiture (and they agree), we could 
start on procession banners now.   There are many generalities that can be 
nailed down now.

Thank you for your time and we hope that this leads to even greater 
possibilities for the Barony.

In Service,

William and Cassandra

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