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Yes, "Why?" is a good question, but please remember to ask it politely.  You
may get back the response "Because We said so".

And I actually think that you will do better by advising TRH as to why it
*should* happen, not ask them why it shouldn't.

Arguing against a Crown is not usually the best way to get your point
across. Educating them works much better.

Mistress Xene

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>I have just received new information and the possibility of having a
>baronial investiture take place at Elfsea Defender XXV is a very remote
>possibility at best. Please share your thoughts one way or another with
>their highnesses. Until I receive information to the contrary, there
>will be no further planning for an investiture to take place at Elfsea
>Defender XXV.

If I may be blunt for a moment ... Why?

There seems to be communication happening from Their Highnesses to the
current leadership (Seneschal, Vicar & Vicaress) regarding this subject.  I
certainly encourage everyone to let Their Highnesses know what they want to
do ... but communication can go in two directions.  What are Their
Highnesses problems/concerns with a Defender investiture? It seems to me
that this group is it's people, not just it's leadership.  What "new
information" does the Seneschal have?

This Barony has had problems, fine, accepted.  But we are vassals of this
Crown, and I for one would like to know in their opinion what situations
rise to the level of continuing to deny this Barony a Baron &/or Baroness.

Timothy of Glastinbury

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